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Meaty Knuckles

Oh what joy to be able to Knuckle Knaw for a day or longer! Big and meaty - a carnivors delight.

Pork Ear Strips

Little strips of piggy ears – a step down from the whole enchilada but for smaller dogs just about the right size and for the pooch that will outright eat a whole ear in one minute flat “show a little restraint there buster!”


Pizzles, pizzles and more pizzles. We sell them in all sizes and we don’t even have to call them buy their real name, just some funny made up one. Doesn’t change the fact that dog’s just love them to death!

Centre Cut Beef Bones

Centre Cut beef bones. Meaty, marrowie and smoky – The Dog Treat Tri-Facta if ever there was one. We have 3 cut, 4-5”, 5-6” and 7-9” bones and each one as tasty as the next. Absolute bliss for fido and friends!

Pork Ears

I guess the pigs took “Friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your ears!” to heart! They gave them up for good and probably never heard a lick of Shakespeare to boot! A snack as pure as the day is long.

Beef Hooves

Simple – beef hooves – a long lasting chew for the dog that is maybe not quite so discriminating.

Tartar Buster Bone ©

Tartar Buster Bone Chew – First introduced by Petz International and we have the trade mark to prove it, all original and all ours. We guarantee that it will keep teeth free of plaque buildup and gums a nice healthy pink or sometimes black I guess depending on the breed. Dry Roasted, not too fatty and packed with flavour. We do not smoke them because manys a fine dog has told us they likes-em au natural.

Real Beef Jerky

Mmmmm Jerky! This is the real thing folks. All natural 100% pure beef jerky. You may be tempted to give it a go yourself but c’mon – save it for the mutt!

Pork Bone Chew

Shake a leg. It’s a wonderfully meaty pork bone for the med and smaller size pooch at your pad. Smoked with nothing else but the goodness it came with.

Beef Ribs

Adam and Eve may not be to thrilled but your pooch might just bet it’s “Bark” these beef ribs are a creative work of art.

Knuckle Noggins

Well you know what they say, and I have no idea who “They” are but nevertheless! A slice of knuckle is better then no knuckle at all. At least this is what the smaller dogs tell me!

Back Strap

This is so good it defies description – all crunchy and chewy and beefy.

Giant Femur

Affectionately referred to as the “Dino Bone” in which case it would basically be a rock when in fact it is really a scrumptious, meaty, roasted beef femur bone for the larger dog. If indeed your dog is called Rex then please bring on this DINO bone!