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Real Beef Jerky

Mmmmm Jerky! All natural 100% pure beef jerky, made from real beef strips. You may be tempted to eat them yourself, but save them for Fido!


Pizzles, pizzles and more pizzles! A dog’s favourite! 100% beef! Oven-roasted to perfection. Great for cleaning teeth and gums for all breed sizes

Beef Hooves

Beef hooves provide a long-lasting chew for all breed sizes. They are safely trimmed and very tasty. Your dog will love them!

Pork Ears

100% natural, pork ears are the perfect treat for dogs who like to chew. They provide an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids to maintain skin and coat health.

Pork Ear Strips

A great source of protein, ear strips help promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. Great portion size for any breed of dog.